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Since its inception, color TV has been broadcast in analog form and at a fixed resolution or sharpness.  


Recently your local TV stations have started broadcasting their programming using new TV Channels called Digital TV, or DTV.  DTV allows TV stations to broadcast TV programs at various levels of sharpness.  


Sharpness that equals that of DVD’s is called Standard Definition TV, or SDTV.  DTV that is broadcast at the sharpest level is called High Definition TV, or HDTV.  Programs that are recorded and broadcast in HDTV are approximately four times as sharp as SDTV, have better color, less noise, and a wider more movie screen like picture.


DTV replaced original analog TV in the US, for most channels, on February 17th, 2009.   Most UHF (14-69) and VHF (2-13) TV channels stopped broadcasting.

What You Need.

What you need...

Local TV stations will only be broadcasting on their Digital TV channel frequencies.  Also, TV stations are taking advantage of DTV’s HDTV ability and are broadcasting HDTV programs when available.  


This has created confusion as consumers find they may need several pieces of new equipment to watch HDTV, even if they continue to receive TV after February 17th .  


This guide serves as a means of understanding what’s involved in receiving HDTV, explains your various options, lists what you need to own, and gives tips on how to save money.


Do you want to watch HDTV in your home but don't know where to start?  The Full House HDTV Guide will tell you what you need to know, what you need to buy, and where to buy it.  Plus we give you the tips you'll need to choose a quality component and get a good deal.