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To derive multi-channel sound from your source, you use the digital audio output from your DTV  tuner, STB, satellite receiver, or DVD player, to pipe the digital audio signal to your Audio-Video Receiver or Video Processor.


On the back of your HDTV source box, you either have a single RCA connecter for a coax digital cable, or a square looking hole that glows red for a TOSLINK fiber optic digital audio cable.  For connections made using an HDMI cable, no additional cable is required if you pass the video signal through your Audio-Video Receiver.


For connecting Blu-ray and other DVD players, you can use their analog outputs.  It's the prefered way if your receiver doesn't support the newer multi-channel sound decoders (Such as Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD, etc.).


Follow the setup instructions in your AV receiver manual.



The best way to connect your HD set top box (STB) or HD satellite receiver to your HDTV is by using its HDMI port.  The HDMI output of your HD receiver connects to the HDMI input on your HDTV set.  Some HDTV’s have more than one HDMI port.  Make note of which one you use.


Set the HDTV input to be the one you used to connect the HD receiver.


Set the output resolution of your STB or HD receiver to 1080i.


Alternatively, you can use the video component outputs of your STB or HD receiver and connect them to the video component inputs on your HDTV.  This way is necessary if you are using a video component splitter to run more than one HDTV from a single STB or receiver.  You'll need to connect audio too.

Port Identification Guide



Your can share one or more STB’s or Satellite HD Receiver’s with all the HDTV’s through out your home.  The more advanced systems allow each room to select any source that is connected to the distribution switcher.  


Using a remote control, any HDTV can select among multiple HDTV sources which can include a video server, DVD changer, or radio.  All you need in your viewing room is the HDTV and optional multi-channel sound system.  


For these type of systems, see the Custom Installer section.




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